Power Rangers: Custom Drakkon Figure Includes A T-Rex Zord Ride

While the Power Rangers Lord Drakkon custom from Prolific 3D won't be a POP any longer, it will be an amazing figure when it's done, and now it features a T-Rex Zord as a bonus.

Fans were excited to see the mock-up of a custom Drakkon POP from Prolific 3D and the Super Sculpting Bros, which at the time featured Drakkon sitting on his throne from the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comics. Unfortunately, it seems that project had to be changed up a bit, but while it won't sport a POP likeness the updated figure is still beyond slick looking.

The new sculpt feature Drakkon standing and holding Saba, but the even cooler version shows Drakkon riding a Tyrannosaurus Rex Dinozord spring rider. The features of the figure are more cartoony, but there's some really impressive detailing on his suit and the Dinozord, with the spring fully visible and connected to the base.

The concept art for it shows Drakkon looking menacingly at the Red Ranger, who is attempting to get his turn on the Dinozord spring rider. It isn't known if the final figure will feature a turnable head, but hopefully, it does.

Prolific 3D did show off a few new photos of the sanded sculpt, and while it still needs to be painted it is looking fantastic so far. The best part is that you can swap out Drakkon's legs for a standing or sitting position, and the Zord can also be displayed on its own, as it has an attachable turret.

We can't wait to see these painted, and hopefully, they will become purchasable at some point down the line.

You can check out Prolific 3D on Instagram and Facebook.

You can check out Super Sculpting Bros on Instagram and Facebook.

As for Drakkon, he'll be appearing next in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #29, which is written by Kyle Higgins and drawn by Daniele Nicuolo. The official description is included below.


"The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and their allies prepare their final counterattack against Drakkon, as a new ally makes it through their world and Zordon makes a last-ditch call for help."

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #29 is in comic stores on July 18.