Power Rangers Meets 'The Land Before Time' In Adorable Fan Art

If you thought the Power Rangers' Dinozords were awesome before, they somehow get even better when combined with The Land Before Time.

You can thank artist Prime Premne Design for this delightful creation, which gives the adorable Dinosaur cast of The Land Before Time a Power Rangers makeover. The results are simply marvelous, as each of the cast has been given the Dinozord treatment. Little Foot is Titanus, while Sera is, of course, the Triceratops. Petrie is the Pterodactyl, while Spike is the Mastodon. Ducky and Chomper are also part of the equation as the Sabretooth Tiger and Tyrannosaurus respectively, and even Sharp Tooth makes an appearance as the Dragonzord in the background.

If you want to grab this you'll need to move fast, as this offer expires in a bit over 2 hours and 45 minutes, and you can check out the shirt here. The Zords Before Time shirt costs $18.00.

You can find more of Prime Premne Design's work on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Deviant Art.

This is actually the second in this line of designs, as the Bots Before Time shirt proceeded The Zords Before Time. As you can probably imagine by the name the shirt envisioned the dinosaurs from The Land Before Time as the popular Dinobots of Transformers fame, though you'll notice that Ducky isn't included in this one. You can see the description for the image below.

"If we transform together..
I know our sparks will never die..
Sparks see us through to forever..
Where Decepticons die..
For you and I.."

"Always wanted to this a long time ago. For anyone looking for Ducky, there isn't a Saurolophus Dinobot so she's not here. Wanted to stick to the original five so turning her to Slash was not an option. I'm making another mash up soon and will definitely use her. For now, hope you like Chomper as Grimlock. :)"

Ducky made the cut for the Zords Before Time though, and we couldn't be happier.


As for Power Rangers, there's one more episode to go in the current season of Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel. Last week's finale brought the overall story to a close, but thanks to the Christmas Special we have a Sudarso reunion to look forward to, as Yoshi Sudarso will be joining Peter Sudarso onscreen.

The episode is titled The Poisy Show, and the official description reads "The Rangers look to celebrate Christmas but find their holiday cheer interrupted by an old foe." The Poisy Show airs on December 1st.