Power Rangers: Shattered Grid Limited Edition Prints Revealed

Power Rangers Shattered Grid might be over, but that doesn't mean you can't celebrate the epic event with some gorgeous artwork.

Fans can collect several amazing Power Rangers Shattered Grid prints courtesy of Lineage Studios. So far Lineage Studios has revealed four prints in the collection, though there are more coming. The first two are from artist John Staub and feature Jason David Frank's likeness as Lord Drakkon (from the Shattered Grid trailer). IN the first one he has his helmet off while sitting on his throne, while the second version features the helmet on.

The next two revealed are from artist Carlos Dattoli, and the first featured Drakkon sitting on his throne with the helmets of the Mighty Morphin Rangers (including the Green Ranger's) laying on the ground beneath his feet. The second print features Drakkon's Evolution III form (gold and black), and features several other helmets on the ground, though the Green Ranger's is still under his boot. Other helmets include HyperForce Yellow, Ranger Slayer, Cruger (Shadow Ranger), Samurai Red, and Time Force Pink.

You can check out the prints in the posts above and below.

"We are proud to present to you our first screen print of many for the Power Rangers franchise! This 24x36” limited edition screen print is illustrated by AAA artist John Staub. Pre-order on our website this Thursday at an undisclosed time! @PowerRangers @Hasbro #PowerRangers"

"We are excited to present our second Shattered Grid print, illustrated by artist extraordinaire Carlos Dattoli @carlosdattoliart Variant features Drakkon in his Evolution III form. Available in an extremely limited quantity. Pre-order now at //www.lineagestudios.com"

"A sneak peek of our upcoming Power Rangers screen prints that will be available for pre-order in the next coming weeks, starting with Shattered Grid next week. Stay tuned for an official launch date!#PowerRangers #Art #ScreenPrint @PowerRangers @Hasbro"

Lineage Studios also teased several other prints, including one that shows what appears to be Shadow of the Dragon's Tommy surrounded by his other Power Ranger forms, and a Red Ranger print that looks to feature many of the various Red Rangers in the franchise.


The first four are available to pre-order now on Lineage Studios' website. The regular versions of the prints goe for $70.00 while the Variants go for $85, and we'll keep you posted when the rest are up for pre-order as well.

So which print is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!