Elizabeth Banks Reveals Why She Reunited With 'Power Rangers' Naomi Scott On 'Charlie's Angels'

Charlie's Angels is heading back to the big screen later this year, and when it launches it will feature a new cast. That cast includes Elizabeth Banks, who will play one of the Bosley's in front of the camera but also will direct the film from behind it. Power Rangers fans know Banks from her appearance as Rita Repulsa in the 2017 Power Rangers reboot, but fans will also recognize another one of her co-stars in Charlie's Angels from Power Rangers, that being Naomi Scott, who will be reuniting onscreen for the first time since battling for the Earth and the Morphin Grid.

Scott played the part of the Pink Ranger Kimberly in the Power Rangers movie, facing down Banks' Rita Repulsa alongside the rest of her team. Scott will play the role of Elena in Charlie's Angels, and in a new interview Banks explained why she wanted to reteam with Scott in this continuation of the Charlie's Angels franchise.

“I wanted somebody who I felt the audience wants to root for,” Banks told EW. “She’s getting to be this Everywoman who’s also very fun and very funny.”

(Photo: EW)

Since Power Rangers Scott has gone on to play the role of Jasmine in Disney's live-action Aladdin, which comes out later this year. There are still many who would love to see the two stars reunite in a full Power Rangers sequel, especially now that Hasbro owns the brand, but the further we get from the original the less and less likely that reality seems.

In any case, at least we can see the two stars unite in Charlie's Angels, and Banks thinks audiences will connect with this iteration of the team. “Audiences are really looking for those aspirational stories about real and relatable characters, and I think the women in my movie are definitely real and relatable, but most importantly, I think they’re really fun," Banks said

Banks also made it a priority to keep the movie's focus on these characters as a team and their skills rather than things like romantic interests.

“It was important to me to make a movie about women working together and supporting each other, and not make a movie about their romantic entanglements or their mother they don’t call enough,” Banks said. “When I’m at work, I don’t talk about those things. I get on with my job. It felt important to do that for the Angels, to treat them with the respect their skill set demands.”

Charlie's Angels hits theaters on November 15th.



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