Power Rangers Beast Morphers' Liana Ramirez Wants to Play Black Widow or Raven

Liana Ramirez loves playing the villain Roxy as part of Power Rangers Beast Morphers, but that doesn't mean she isn't up for playing a hero as well. In fact, there are two superheroes that immediately come to mind for Ramirez, two characters that are beloved by fans of both DC and Marvel. The first is Marvel's iconic superspy Black Widow, while the other is DC's Teen Titan member Raven, and both are roles that Ramirez would love to play someday. When ComicBook.com recently caught up with Ramirez, we asked why those particular characters resonate with her so much.

"One, I like their costumes a lot," Ramirez said. "That's kind of shallow, but I really like their costumes. Two, I like that they're both fairly troubled, and they're not all pull together, and their not all polished. They go through things, especially Raven. I mean, she's ... literally, she has a demon going on inside of her."

"That would be so fascinating to get in her mind as an actor, and to try to translate what that feels like to an audience," Ramirez said. "I think I just resonate that because all of us humans, we're going through something, we all have our troubles, we all have our demons if you will. To just bring someone to life that's super relatable, is awesome, and then showing people, "Hey, yeah. I'm going through stuff, but I can get over it and I'm fighting it." I think that's super important. I love it."

If Ramirez did get the chance to play Widow at some point, she would want to focus in a bit on what she does when she's not on the clock, though there would be plenty of throwdowns as well.

"Oh, I think I would want to dig in more to her personal life," Ramirez said. "I personally don't know a whole lot about it, but it would be interesting to dive more into that, and of course, see some more fight sequences with her, because dang, she's a beast."

Fans have seen quite a bit of Black Widow over the years thanks to the MCU, where Widow is played by Scarlett Johansson. Fans will also get a prequel before she hangs up the suit, and then who knows, maybe a new version of the Widow could show up with Ramirez in the role.

As for Raven, fans can see Teagan Croft in the role on DC Universe's Titans, though the character hasn't yet surfaced as part of the DC movie universe just yet, leaving open the possibility that someday Ramirez will get a crack at the role.


You can find more from our interview with Ramirez right here, and you can catch her on new episodes of Power Rangers Beast Morphers later this year.

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