Power Rangers: Lineage Studios Reveals Lord Zedd Icon Pin for Power Rangers Day

It's National Power Rangers Day, which means some of your favorite companies are celebrating with cool new reveals. Lineage Studios isn't missing out on the action either, and they are responsible for some of the slickest Power Rangers pins and prints around. Just in time for Power Rangers Day, Lineage has revealed a brand new entry in its popular Icon series, and it's none other than the iconic villain Lord Zedd. That's right, the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers villain is finally coming to the Icon series, and you can get your first look at him right here.

The new Icon pin will feature Zedd's iconic mug, complete with that visor and Z emblazoned helmet, and the small chain will link to the second pin that features his power staff, and you can check it out up-close in the images below.

Now you have an excuse to let that evil laugh loose at the dinner table, though to be fair you might still get strange looks if you do that.

(Photo: Lineage Studios)

You can check out the new Red Ranger Icon above and below, and you can head to Lineage Studios' official site to pick one up!

(Photo: Lineage Studios)

The pin will cost $20.00 like the other Icons in the line, which currently features the White Ranger, Ranger Slayer, and Zeo Gold. The line is designed by Michael Pasquale, and will feature a rubberized pin back and will be limited to a smaller run, as the others are limited to 500 each.


As for future sets, Power Rangers fans will soon have a chance to weigh in on what could be coming down the line, so make sure to watch ComicBook.com here and on social media for your chance!

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