'Go Go Power Rangers' Launches All-New Green Ranger Saga With Co-Writer Sina Grace

BOOM! Studios had a lot to talk about at WonderCon this year regarding Power Rangers, and part of [...]

BOOM! Studios had a lot to talk about at WonderCon this year regarding Power Rangers, and part of their reveals during their WonderCon panel included a new addition to the Go Go Power Rangers family. It was revealed that writer Sina Grace (Iceman, the upcoming Ghosted) will be co-writing with Ryan Parrott on Go Go Power Rangers starting with issue #21, which will usher in the Green Ranger saga to the popular series. As they explained at WonderCon though, it won't be the Green Ranger saga you know from the television series, so expect some surprises along the way.

Grace will join Parrott on the book starting in issue #21 (via Newsarama) as he and Parrott get to work on crafting a new Green Ranger saga while Parrott also takes over full writing duties on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. To have a hand in both series is thrilling for Parrott, and he can't wait for the next chapter.

"Two years ago, I started on Go Go Power Rangers with the goal of crafting a series that placed an emphasis on character and focused as much on teenage relationships as it did on giant monsters. Naturally, when I was offered the chance to write Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, I assumed my time exploring the personal lives of the 'Teenagers with Attitude' was over. Thankfully... I was wrong," said Parrott. "Now, while the current iteration of Go Go Power Rangers is about to draw to a close, an exciting new chapter awaits."

(Photo: BOOM! Studios)

"I'm thrilled to have the incredible talents of Sina Grace and Francesco Mortarino coming onboard and I promise that Go Go's style and sensibilities will remain constant, even as we introduce new and familiar characters, recontextualize iconic series moments and explore bold new areas of the Power Ranger mythology," Parrott added. "I really hope you all come along for the journey."

Grace is also a lifelong Power Rangers fan, so he is beyond excited to get to work.

"As a lifelong Mighty Morphin Power Rangers fan, and I'm thrilled to work beside Ryan on one of the most exciting chapters in the Rangers' history," said Grace. "Mom, if you're reading this: thanks for waiting in line before work to get me that Megazord."

As for the Green Ranger saga itself, this will be different than the Green With Evil arc from the show (via Power Rangers NOW). According to Parrott this one will bring in new characters from the mythos into the comic books and will change up the origin story a bit of the six friends. Here all six of the characters (Jason, Trini, Zack, Kimberly, Billy, and Tommy) were friends previously, but Tommy was separated from them after having to go to another school. That meant they couldn't tell him about them being Rangers despite being friends, and now they will have to deal with the ramifications of that after he becomes the Green Ranger.

Parrott also added that he wants to tell new stories and not just retell old ones as the reasoning for changing up the story (via No Pink Spandex). They also revealed that the book will be jumping forward in time after Go Go Power Rangers: Rangers Forever #1.

Go Go Power Rangers #21 hits stores this July.


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