'Go Go Power Rangers': Who Will Be The Ranger From The Future In Shattered Grid Crossover?

Go Go Power Rangers is getting a visitor thanks to Shattered Grid, and we've got a few ideas in mind for who it could be.

For context, BOOM! Studios recently revealed the name of their big 2018 Power Rangers event, which is titled Shattered Grid and will take place primarily in Kyle Higgins' Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series. It will, however, bleed over into Ryan Parrott's Go Go Power Rangers ongoing, and he explained that it will take the form of a Ranger from the future.

“The key to incorporating Go Go Power Rangers into Shattered Grid was making the story integral to the event while never losing the personal stakes of the series—and we are doing that in a really exciting way,” Parrott said. “A fan-favorite Ranger from the future is going to arrive, searching for Drakkon—and end up dividing our team in a very personal way. Thematically, Go Go has always been about examining the past in order to understand the future—and there's no clearer way of doing that than smashing them into one another in real time.”

So now that the table is set, just who will be the Ranger from the future? The Rangers will be battling Lord Drakkon, who is an evil alternate universe version of Tommy, so could that mean the Ranger from the future is another heroic version of Tommy? It's not like he hasn't portrayed numerous Rangers throughout his career, so the Go Go Rangers could indeed get a visit from a Zeo, Turbo, Dino Thunder, or even a White Ranger version of the character.

If Tommy warfare isn't your cup of tea, another possibility is getting a visit from another future Ranger much closer to home. The Go Go Ranger team doesn't feature Tommy, so getting a future version of someone they haven't met yet might not have the same impact as someone they already know, which could be Jason.

Jason eventually becomes the Zeo Gold Ranger in the television series, and getting a visit from him could very well have an impact. Parrot's quote also mentions that it will divide the team in a very personal way, and that could be the case with the Gold Ranger.

Being that the future is mentioned, it is hard not to peg someone in the Time Force team as a possibility. For our pick, we're going with Jen Scott, who is the team's Pink Ranger. Jen is a fan favorite, as is Time Force as a whole. Having a Time Force ranger head back in time to warn the Mighty Morphin team makes sense, though how she would divide the team is anyone's guess.


The Mighty Morphin comic series doesn't adhere to every story beat from the television series, however, so it's more than possible for Parrot and Higgins to change some connections here and there to make this appearance a division worthy affair.

Alright, so those are our picks, but hit me up on Twitter @MattMuellerCB to give us your picks!