'Jessica Jones' Actor Explains How Power Rangers Prepared Him For The Role

Before Eka Darville became a beloved part of Jessica Jones' world, he was leading a team of Power Rangers.

Darville played Scott Truman, otherwise known as the Red Ranger in Power Rangers RPM, a series that held a darker and more adult tone than other versions of the series. Granted, no one is going to confuse it for Jessica Jones, but the show still helped Darville prepare for the part of Malcolm in an unexpected way.

"It prepared me in the sense I got to practice my American accent, before I had to do it on a show people actually watch," Darville joked to Inverse.

While Power Rangers RPM is highly rated amongst the fanbase, it struggled in the actual ratings at the time. That was mostly due to ABC and Disney essentially burying it, putting it in crazy time slots (5 am for example). His newest project doesn't have that same issue, though it is ironic that is also a Disney property, albeit under the Marvel brand.

RPM stands out as one of the edgier seasons, but as Darville points out, there are more differences than similarities between Jessica Jones and Power Rangers.

"While the Guardians of the Galaxy are saving the universe, these people are just trying to survive and maybe help someone on their own block," Darville said. "That's what I love about Jessica Jones, it is gritty and grounded and these characters are flawed yet beautiful. The exploration of the human condition in Jessica Jones makes it so rich, and what makes Power Rangers so fun is entertainment for entertainment's sake. They are in completely different universes."

Scott and Malcolm both entered their shows with baggage, and in season 2 Malcolm is focusing on trying to shed some of that old weight.


"He's having to prove himself because he lost faith in himself," he explains. "He's in a supporting role, taking care of business What he's about is proving himself. And the only thing he can do [to prove] that is helping Jessica."

Jessica Jones Season 2 is available now on Netflix, and you can watch Power Rangers RPM on the streaming service as well.