'Power Rangers All-Stars' RPG Gets New Teaser Trailer

The Power Rangers All-Stars RPG is finally coming stateside, and now fans have a new teaser trailer to get them hyped for the game.

Power Rangers All-Stars is a mobile RPG developed by Nexon and has been available in some overseas markets for some time. Soon it will be making its worldwide launch, and Nexxon has released a new teaser trailer that you can view in the video above. The trailer features a variety of different Ranger helmets from seasons like RPM, Mystic Force, and of course Mighty Morphin, but also shows some gameplay before displaying the game's logo.

You can watch the full trailer above, and if you're interested in playing the game you can also pre-register for it right here.

Power Rangers All-Stars is a fully 3D RPG where you will control 5 of your favorite Rangers as you make your way through dungeons and battle larger than life enemies. This is a hack and slash RPG, and you'll have special abilities that you can use during the battle that all have countdown timers, but you'll also be able to utilize the Megazords as well, as you can see in the gameplay footage below.

Here are the Rangers we've spotted in the game so far.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Red Ranger

Green Ranger

Power Rangers S.P.D.

S.P.D. Green Ranger

S.P.D. Blue Ranger

S.P.D. Red Ranger

Operation Overdrive

Blue Overdrive Ranger

Yellow Overdrive Ranger

Black Overdrive Ranger

Mystic Force

Yellow Mystic Ranger

Blue Mystic Ranger

Red Mystic Ranger

Black Mystic Ranger

Green Mystic Ranger


Ranger Operator Blue

Ranger Operator Yellow

Ranger Operator Green

Ranger Operator Black


Megaforce Pink

Megaforce Red

Megaforce Black

Super Megaforce

Super Megaforce Red

Dino Charge

Dino Charge Black

Wild Force

Black Wild Force Ranger

Red Wild Force Ranger

You can view the official description of the game below.

- Explore in 3D the Rangers Command Center
- Pilot the most powerful Megazord guardians!
- Complete Daily Missions and Dimensional Explorations with strategically selected Ranger teams
- Select your best team of Rangers for 5-vs-5 training battles in the Dimensional Arena
- Team up with members of your Alliance to complete Alliance Raids!
- Receive exciting rewards when both idling and participating!


No release date has been announced yet for the actual worldwide launch, but we'll keep you posted. The game will be available for both iOS and Android though.

Will you be playing Power Rangers All-Stars? Let us know in the comments!