Power Rangers: All-Stars Worldwide Launch Date Revealed

Power Rangers fans will finally be able to play Power Rangers All-Stars on their mobile devices very soon, as Nexon has finally revealed the worldwide release date.

The game has been available for months in certain other markets, but now everyone will be able to get in on the fun in just a few days. Yesterday Nexon revealed a countdown on their Facebook page with the combo D-5, which some took to mean December 5th. Today though another image was posted with the combo D-4, so if we follow that to its conclusion it will be Tuesday, November 6th. Fans have waited a bit to get their hands on it, and now it looks like it is only a few days away.

For those unfamiliar with the game, Power Rangers All-Stars is a fully 3D RPG where you will control 5 of your favorite Rangers as you make your way through dungeons and battle larger than life enemies. This is a hack and slash RPG, and you'll have special abilities that you can use during the battle that all have countdown timers, but you'll also be able to utilize the Megazords as well, as you can see in the gameplay footage above.

Here are the Rangers who have been announced so far.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Red Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Pink Ranger, Black Ranger, Blue Ranger, Green Ranger (Coming Soon). Megazord: Dino Megazord.

Power Rangers RPM: Ranger Operator Series Red, Ranger Operator Series Blue, Ranger Operator Series Yellow, Ranger Operator Series Green, Ranger Operator Series Black. Megazord: High Octane Megazord

Power Rangers Mystic Force: Red Mystic Ranger, Yellow Mystic Ranger, Pink Mystic Ranger, Blue Mystic Ranger, Green Mystic Ranger. Megazord: Titan Megazord.

Power Rangers S.P.D.: S.P.D Red Ranger, S.P.D Blue Ranger, S.P.D. Green Ranger, S.P.D. Yellow Ranger, S.P.D. Pink Ranger. Megazord: Delta Squad Megazord.

Power Rangers Wild Force: Black Wild Force Ranger, Yellow Wild Force Ranger, Red Wild Force Ranger, Blue Wild Force Ranger, White Wild Force Ranger. Megazord: Wild Force Megazord.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive: Yellow Overdrive Ranger, Black Overdrive Ranger, Red Overdrive Ranger, Blue Overdrive Ranger, Pink Overdrive Ranger. Megazord: DriveMax Megazord.

Power Rangers Megaforce: Megaforce Yellow, Megaforce Pink, Megaforce Red, Megaforce Black, Megaforce Blue. Megazord: Gosei Great Megazord.

Power Rangers Samurai: Green Samurai Ranger, Blue Samurai Ranger, Red Samurai Ranger, Pink Samurai Ranger, Yellow Samurai Ranger. Megazord: Samurai Megazord.

Power Rangers Super Megaforce: Super Megaforce Green, Super Megaforce Blue, Super Megaforce Red, Super Megaforce Yellow, Super Megaforce Pink. Megazord: Legendary Megazord.

Power Rangers Dino Charge: Dino Charge Green, Dino Charge Black, Dino Charge Red, Dino Charge Blue, Dino Charge Pink. Megazord: Dino Charge Megazord.


That's a pretty packed roster, both on the Ranger side of things and the Megazord side, but of course, we also want to see other Rangers introduced into the game later on, including Lost Galaxy, In Space (you knew that was coming), Zeo, Ninja Steel, and more.

The game isn't that far away now, and we couldn't be happier about that. The game is open for pre-registration now, and will be available on iOS and Android.