Power Rangers Bootleg Film Producer Reveals Planned End Credits Scene

The Power/Rangers fan film definitely got people talking when it originally released, and producer Adi Shankar reveals that it originally had a deep dive post-credits sequence.

ComicBook.com had the chance to catch up with Shankar at Power Morphicon, and during our interview, we asked if Power Rangers part of his Bootleg universe was always going to be based on Mighty Morphin. It was, but Shankar did reveal he had plans to interject the Masked Rider at one point.

"Yeah, it was always gonna be Mighty Morphin', but there was one scene at the end that I just never shot," Shankar said. "The Masked Rider, right at the end, when he's chained up and he's being held prisoner, and Tommy comes and rescues him. And he's like, “Tommy Oliver.”

Saban's Masked Rider was the American adaption of Kamen Rider, a hugely popular series in Japan. It was produced the same way that Saban produced Power Rangers, mixing new footage and cast with original footage from the Sentai series.

Masked Rider had a sidekick named Ferbus, and he was also going to be included in the post-credits scene.

"And remember when he had the Furby? I was gonna put the Furby in there," Shankar said. "The Furby was in there too, and the Furby got saved as well."

So why did the sequence never get shot? Well, it came down to a combination of being in shape and confusing the actors.

"I was gonna play the Masked Rider," Shankar said. "I just didn't look in good enough shape, and then I basically just got lazy. It was already hard enough... It was basically an end-credits scene."

"It was already hard enough convincing... you know, explaining to people, 'Oh yeah, this is the continuity.' Van Der Beek, I remember, three or four times kept coming to me and saying, 'Okay, so, Tommy betrayed Rita, Is that right?' I'm like, 'Yeah, that's totally right.' He was like, 'What is this in reference to?' I was like, 'You don't wanna know. Just go say the lines.'


For those unfamiliar, the Power/Rangers Bootleg film took a much darker tone with the property, showing a world where the Machine Empire managed to take down the Power Rangers and holds a truce with Earth. The Rangers subsequently fall to unknown assailants until Tommy is lured out of the shadow, intent on avenging them and taking down the one responsible.

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