'Power Rangers: Super Ninja Steel' Features Surprising Villain Milestone

Power Rangers fans are eagerly awaiting the premiere of Super Ninja Steel in just a few weeks, but one thing that's already interesting about the series is the major villain milestone that will come with it:

Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel will feature the franchise's first female big bd in eighteen years!

Super Ninja Steel will begin with the Power Rangers team facing the threat of Madame Odius, who we met in the Ninja Steel series. However, while Odius was just a personal adviser to main villain Galvanax in Ninja Steel, she'll be stepping into the main villain role for Super Ninja Steel. Goes to show: good scheming pays off, as Madame Odius long been ready to seize her own power by betraying Galvanax and claiming the Ninja Power Stars.

The last time Power Rangers put a female character in the big bad position, it was Trakeena, the evil alien insect/human hybrid in Power Rangers Lost Galaxy. That series ran from 1999 - 2000, marking a nearly two-decade delay between female characters serving as the big bads of the franchise.

The timing couldn't be better for Power Rangers, as 2017 brought a major wave of female empowerment, with there being calls for greater gender equality on a lot of fronts. Whether by design or dumb luck, 2018 is a good time to be launching a superhero series with a female as the central villain.


...as for what Madame Odius has planned to succeed where Galvanax failed? Well, we'll all have to find out together when Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel premieres on Saturday, January 27th on Nick.