Power Rangers Fans Will Flip Over These Custom Ranger Slayer And Lord Drakkon Funko Pops

Power Rangers fans have been a bit spoiled in the new characters department, getting several incredible new additions to the mythos courtesy of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and Go Go Power Rangers comics from BOOM! Studios. Not only did we get a villainous Tommy Oliver in Lord Drakkon, but fans also got a new version of Kimberly Hart who goes by the name Ranger Slayer, and their costumes and designs have become favorites rather quickly. That enthusiasm extends to the Funko Pop community, and thanks to Creative Touch Customs we now have this awesome Ranger Slayer Lord Drakkon 2-pack that we wish we could just go out and buy right now.

Lisa Burton (angel_Of_anarchy) shared her newest custom Funko Pops on Instagram, and they are morphinominal indeed. First, she showed off her Lord Drakkon Pop, which looks like it uses the Previews Exclusive version as a base but features a completely redone paint job.

That's because this design is based on Drakkon's final form from Shattered Grid, which featured a gold, black, and red color scheme as well as a redesigned shield, helmet, and a black cape.

It looks fantastic, but she went one better and designed a Ranger Slayer Pop to go alongside Drakkon, which looks just as good if not better. The Ranger Slayer is based on the original Pink Ranger Pop, though it features significant tweaks, as the arms had to be repositioned and parts of her body and helmet had to be sculpted to make it all work. The bow was also made entirely from scratch.

What we do know is it looks great, especially with the added touch of the arrow being the Dragon Dagger (another sculpt from scratch), which fans of Shattered Grid will definitely get a kick out of. Her shredded cape is a nice bonus as well, but she still wasn't done.


She then created a custom box for the set, creating the Ranger Slayer Lord Drakkon Shattered Grid 2-Pack, which you can see below. It just makes us wish we could go just go buy it at the local store, especially since Funko hasn't created this version of Drakkon or a Ranger Slayer at all yet, but at least you can get a slick custom set from Creative Touch Customs.

You can find the photos above, and for more of Creative Touch Customs' work you can head to Instagram, Facebook, and Etsy.