Power Rangers Beast Morphers' Jasmeet Baduwalia Talks Emotional Final Day of Filming

It seems like yesterday that we were meeting the Power Rangers Beast Morphers crew for the first time at Power Morphicon, but time has flown by since then, and in that time fans have fallen in love with the cast of the show even more throughout the first season. This Saturday will bring the first season to an epic close, but while fans are just seeing season 1's finale, the cast and crew have actually completed filming on the entire series. ComicBook.com recently had the chance to speak with Beast Morphers' very own Blue Ranger Jasmeet Baduwalia, and during our chat, he revealed how emotional things got as the cast said goodbye to the series they've called home over the past year.

"I think on the date that it was the last day, like we all knew it was the last day" Baduwalia said. "I was really excited, like, 'Today's the last day. We're going to kill it. Today's going to be a good day,' blah, blah, blah. Then I had the last scene of the last day we shot for main unit, and while I was going through the scene, I was like, 'Oh my god, every take is getting closer and closer to the end.' I think that's what also made me sad. Like, 'oh dang, this is becoming real now.'"

It got even more real when his last scene came up, and that's when he understandably got a bit emotional.

"Then when we wrapped fully and they're like, 'This is a wrap on everyone on main unit,' I think that's when it really hit," Baduwalia said. "All of us actors, after our last scene, we did like a little speech about how we felt being on set, how we felt towards Power Rangers in general, and also towards the Power Rangers crew. When it came to my turn, they're like, 'That's a wrap on Jazz.' Everyone's clapping and everyone's happy, but also sad, because you might not ever see these people again. Then when I was giving my speech, that's when I broke down. After my speech, I broke down and I just started crying. I was like, 'dang, this is it. All good things come to an end.'"

"And also looking at my cast members, and just thinking that we're all going to just move forward with our lives after the show," Baduwalia said. "Who knows if we're going to have a chance to all get together and have lunch, dinner or just meet up. That's what started racing through my mind. Like, this is it, this is the end, but I was also very happy and proud of what we did with season two compared to season one. I think season two, people are in for a treat. I think that's the only thing that is making me more proud than sad or upset. I'm just super excited to have the fandom see the rest of the episodes."

The good news is that fans don't have to say goodbye to the cast or the series for some time, as there's still a whole other year to enjoy of Beat Morphers. Even after that though, Jazz (and Ravi) are a part of the Power Rangers legacy forever now, and we can't wait to see what's in store for both.

Beast Morphers stars Rorrie D. Travis (Devon/Red), Jacqueline Scislowski (Zoey/Yellow), Jasmeet Baduwalia (Ravi/Blue), Abraham Rodriguez (Nate), Liana Ramirez (Roxy), Colby Strong (Blaze), Cosme Flores (Ben), Kristina Ho (Betty), Kevin Copeland (Mayor Daniels), and James Gordon (Handyman), and you can check out the official description for Power Rangers Beast Morphers below.

"Set in the future, a secret agency combines a newly discovered substance called "Morph-X" with animal DNA to create the Power Rangers Beast Morphers team. The Rangers must fight off an evil sentient computer virus bent on taking over the source of all Ranger power, the Morphin Grid itself. Featuring never-before-seen leather suits and an all-new beast-themed arsenal (including dynamic new Zords), fans should get ready for a season full of secret ops and morphinominal fun."


Power Rangers Beast Morphers airs Saturdays on Nickelodeon.

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