Power Rangers: Megaforce Projected to Top Halloween Costume Sales

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According to the online retailer Pure Costumes, Power Rangers costumes are once again the retailer's top-selling items. "Power Rangers has been a highly successful franchise for more than a decade," the company said in a release. "Although the brand has gone through several transitions with different owners, the franchise has managed to survive with the constant renewal of story lines and characters to appeal to younger generations of children. As a result, consumer products that bear its license have proven to be popular year after year." Because the television show constantly reinvents characters' outfits, manufacturers have been required to keep up with the new designs. As a result, each new generation of Power Rangers costumes has witnessed renewed consumer demand, while the "classic" costumes of the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers era have continued to hold their own. Power Rangers: Megaforce debuted on Nickelodeon earlier this year and is already a favorite with both boys and girls, according to Pure Costumes. The said that although it has only been a few weeks since the newest generation of costumes rolled out, sales have already been hitting "incredible" numbers. "Since the licensed Power Rangers: Megaforce costumes have become available for purchase, they've been a top pick among parents and children nationwide," said the site. "With the popularity these children's costumes are already experiencing and the Halloween season still several months away, PureCostumes.com anticipates that the Power Rangers: Megaforce costumes will be at the top of 2013's top-selling Halloween costumes."