New Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Funko POPS Revealed

We've known that new Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Funko POPs were incoming, but now we finally have our first look at the new set.

Thanks to Instagram user anerdydad we've got our first look at the brand new wave, which once again does center on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Now, the good news is the set is not just repaints of the previous wave, as each Ranger features an all-new head sculpt made to look like the cast from the show.

There are helmetless versions of Billy, Kimberly, Jason, Trini, Tommy, and Zack, though the set does not feature weapons as we previously thought. The pose is a straight up normal Funko POP pose, but Funko does get some pretty decent likenesses, with highlights being Trini, Zack, and Billy, though all of them look pretty good.

GO! GO! Power Rangers! ⬅️swipe for closeups!

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The sculpts get a changeup with the three villains included with the set, featuring Rita Repulsa (with staff), Goldar (with sword and wings), and perhaps the most anticipated entry Lord Zedd, who comes with his trademark staff as well.

All of the Funko POPs from this set features the 25th Anniversary sticker on the box, though they also feature the older logo design.

Goldar's armor is really well detailed, and the wings and sword are standouts too. Lord Zedd will likely be the most coveted and expect to see some metallic or glow in the dark variant released at some point down the line.

The new images don't show the exclusive Pudgy Pig POP that made the rounds in text form recently, so hopefully, we'll get to see that soon. The image does include the Entertainment Earth exclusive glow in the dark Megazord POP though, and fans can also get an exclusive Black and Gold Megazord Funko POP at Power Morphicon.

You can check out more up close images above.


No word on when these will release but we'll keep you updated. UPDATE: The figures are available to pre-order now!

So, which Funko POPs will you be picking up? Let us know in the comments!