Robert Axelrod, Voice Of Lord Zedd In Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Dies At 70

Today, the Power Rangers community has come together to mourn the loss of one of its most beloved stars. Reports have surfaced that Robert Axelrod, the voice of Lord Zedd in the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, has passed away at the age of 70.

Earlier today, Axelrod's agent confirmed the actor passed away in Los Angeles at the age of 70. After making a name for himself as a guitarist in the 1970s, Axelrod moved into voice acting as the 1980s started. Fans will know the actor best for his work on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers where he voiced Lord Zedd as well as Finister. The actor also worked heavily with anime on projects such as Digimon.

"His beautiful and kindred soul will never be forgotten and we take comfort in knowing his memory will live on in all those he inspired, met and knew," Axelrod's agency shared.

Taking to social media, fans have gathered to remember the actor for his heralded career. Power Rangers fanatics are feeling the loss heavily given Axelford's legacy with the franchise. As his biography states, the star's career was catapulted after nabbing the role of Lord Zedd, and he returned to the Power Rangers franchise time and again. His work allowed him to make an appearance in the live-action Power Rangers film as well as provide other voices for villains in follow-up series like Time Force, Lost Galaxy, Zeo, and more.

Earlier this year, fans learned Axelrod was experiencing medical issues after the actor underwent major back surgery. The operation was more difficult on the actor than expected, forcing him to put his work to the side as he focused on recovery. A GoFundMe was established to help Axelrod pay for his medical bills, and its creator Zachary Taylor McGinnis provided a short update on the actor's condition then.

"I'm saddened to report that Robert is still in the hospital and not doing much better," McGinnis shared. "The accompanying photo is how we find him every time we go to visit. I specifically asked him if we could share this photo to show you the fans, exactly what kind of shape he is in. His surgery was a full year ago and he is still immobile from the waist down."

"Insurance only covers so much and after nearly a year without work and mounting medical debt he only has enough funds to cover the next two months or so worth of bills."


At this time, no cause of death has been publicly shared. At this time, fans are simply sending their well wishes to all of Axelrod's loved ones during this difficult time.