Own The Official ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ DISCO Shirt

If you’ve been watching Star Trek: Discovery, you may have noticed the DISCO shirt crew members Burnham and Tilly were wearing in the episode “Lethe”. Like a lot of fans you probably thought to yourself “I am going to buy that shirt in a hot second when CBS inevitably puts it up for sale.” Well, here's your chance.

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(Photo: StarTrek.com)

The official DISCO shirt can be pre-ordered right here in styles for both men and women and sizes ranging from S to XXL. Shipping only days away on November 3rd. We’ve been told that DISCO achieved the rank of StarTrek.com’s best selling shirt ever pretty much overnight - which is not surprising because they're cute as hell. You’ll want to grab one sooner rather than later in case they sell out.

While you’re over there, you can scan the entire Star Trek: Discovery lineup which includes shirts, mugs, badges, and uniform costumes.

Star Trek: DiscoverySunday at 8:30 PM EST on CBS All Access

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