'Star Trek: Discovery': Sonequa Martin-Green On Balancing Michael Burnham's Vulcan And Human Sides

Star Trek: Discovery star Sonequa Martin-Green returned to the world of The Walking Dead as a guest at Walker Stalker Con in Atlanta this weekend, but even there her new fame as Michael Burnham, Starfleet’s first mutineer, preceded her.

Michael Burnham is a human who was raised on Vulcan by the Vulcan ambassador Sarek and his human wife, Amanda Grayson, the parents of Spock. At Walker Stalker Con, Martin-Green was asked about how she balances the Vulcan side of her character with the human side.

"I'm 100% human," Martin-Green said. "But I was raised on Vulcan. Spock is my surrogate brother. I would say the toughest part is exactly that. The battle between emotion and logic, I'm just all human with this Vulcan indoctrination. It is very hard for me, as Michael, to be this. My life has been aspiring to it, believing I have met it and been very successful at it, but always having my humanity just roaring inside."

Martin-Green said something similar about her relationship with Spock when ComicBook.com caught up with her at New York Comic Con.

“In the story, I was raised by Sarek and Amanda, Spock’s parents,” she said. “I was raised in that household. So Sarek and Amanda are my surrogate parents, and Spock is my surrogate brother.

“So yeah, there’s a lot going on there," she said. "They’ve woven me really delicately, and beautifully, and thoughtfully, and courageously into that famous, famous family, which I love.”

Last week’s episode of Star Trek: Discovery, “Lethe,” revealed that Burnham's relationship with Spock may have cost her more than she ever knew, and also changed how fans understand the relationship between Spock and father forever.

Star Trek: Discovery hasn’t yet hit the halfway point of its first season and already CBS All Access has renewed the series for a second season after its debut helped drive record subscriptions for the streaming service. And, despite what some fans may say, Star Trek: Discovery is definitely still Star Trek.

New Star Trek: Discovery episodes become available to stream Sundays at 8:30 p.m. ET on CBS All Access.

Star Trek: DiscoverySunday at 8:30 PM EST on CBS All Access

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