'Star Trek: Discovery' Bridge Crew Shares Memories From the Set

Now that the first season of Star Trek: Discovery is over, the actors who play the Discovery bridge crew are looking back at the fun moments they had on set.

In a segment that originally was a part of the Star Trek: Discovery aftershow After Trek on CBS All Access, the bridge crew cast shared some of their fondest memories of working on Star Trek: Discovery Season One.

Emily Couts, who plays conn officer Lt. Keyla Detmer, remembers when Shazad Latif, who plays Lt. Ash Tyler and the Klingon torchbearer Voq, bought a ping-pong table for Jason Isaacs, who played Captain Gabriel Lorca, for his birthday. Couts compared it to being at summer camp but while wearing Starfleet uniforms.

Sara Mitich, who plays spore drive ops officer Lt. Cdr. Airiam, mostly remembers series lead Sonequa Martin-Green, who plays Commander Michael Burnham, being a true leader on set and keeping everyone’s morale up during early morning and late night shoots.

Patrick Kwok-Choon, who plays tactical officer Lt. Rhys, remembers the day they filmed Lorca’s death scene. He recalls Isaacs being suspended in air in front of a green screen and when the final shot was done everyone breaking out in a chant of “Bring back Lorca!”

Oyin Oladejo, who plays ops officer Lt. Joann Owosekun, and Ronnie Bowe Jr., who plays communications officer Lt. R.A. Bryce, are both still having a hard time believing that they’re on a Star Trek series.

Hopefully, the bridge crew of the Discovery will have more opportunities to shine in Star Trek: Discovery Season Two. That's just one of the things we hope to see in Discovery's second season.


The Discovery bridge crew may have another ship's bridge crew to share screen time with, that being the crew of the Enterprise. The iconic ship appeared in Discovery's season finale, though it remains unclear exactly how much of the Enterprise and its crew fans will see in Star Trek: Discovery.

Star Trek: Discovery is set to begin filming its second season at Pinewood Studios in Toronto in April. The season is expected to return to CBS All Access in late 2018 or early 2019.