'Star Trek: Discovery': Watch Klingon Chancellor L'Rell Sing and Dance to Demi Lovato

Mary Chieffo plays L’Rell, the new Klingon High Chancellor in Star Trek: Discovery. It turns out the chancellor is a big fan of Demi Lovato.

Chieffo posted a video of herself rocking out to Lovato’s track “Confident” while in full costume and makeup as Chancellor L’Rell.

Take a look below:

Interestingly, Chieffo finds a dance partner in co-star Shazad Latif during the video. Latif plays Voq/Ash Tyler, the Klingon who was surgically altered to resemble a human Starfleet officer. Voq stayed on Kronos with L’Rell at the end of the first season of Star Trek: Discovery, but is back in his Starfleet uniform in this video, perhaps revealing a story point from the show’s upcoming second season.

Having a female chancellor is an interesting change of pace for the traditionally patriarchal Klingon Empire. Star Trek: Discovery co-creator and showrunner Alex Kurtzman has discussed how L'Rell will have to face that challenge.

“There’s a female Klingon leading a warfaring, mostly male-dominated race...So it’s in the spirit of all great Trek,” said Kurtzman. “We’re mirroring so much of what is happening in our world now. And what she’s dealing with is what every woman who’s in a position like that, and not in a position like that, is dealing with when it comes to the way they are living in a patriarchy. So, very much, that is what we’re tackling. And L’Rell is strong, and she is … you know, she has to meet their fire with -- not just fire, but actually real consideration and thoughtfulness and strategy. And it’s really interesting to see L’Rell grow into the leader that she becomes this season.”

What do you think of the Klingon version of this Demi Lovato hit? Let us know in the comments!


The first season of Star Trek: Discovery is available to stream in its entirety on CBS All Access in the U.S., through CraveTV in Canada and through Netflix in other international markets. The season is also now available on Blu-ray, DVD, and via digital storefronts.

Star Trek: Discovery Season Two is now filming in Toronto and will premiere on January 17, 2019.