'Star Trek: Discovery': SPOILER Dies in the Season 2 Finale

In tonight’s season finale episode of Star Trek: Discovery, the crews of Discovery and Enterprise finished the fight against Control and Section 31. However, that fight wasn’t won without significant sacrifice.

SPOILERS for the Star Trek: Discovery Season Two finale follow.

In the first part of Discovery’s two-part finale, Discovery traveled to Xahea with the time crystal they took from Boreth. With help from Queen Po, the crew devised a plan to recharge the crystal and use it to send the data Control is after into the future.

At one point, Michael Burnham came into contact with the time crystal and it showed her a vision of the future. Discovery was under attack by Control. A photon torpedo was lodged in the hull of Enterprise’s saucer section, and things looked bad.

The vision came true, to a point, in tonight’s episode. An undetonated photon torpedo did become lodged in Enterprise’s hull. Number One and Admiral Cornwell investigated but could find no way to disarm the torpedo before it went off, and Pike came down to investigate himself. Cornwell pointed out that there was a manual lever for the blast door that could seal off the explosion from the rest of the ship, but someone would have to stay inside. At first, Pike suggested it should be him. After all, if he’s destined for the future fate he saw in the monastery on Boreth, then he can’t die in an explosion now, right? But Cornwell wasn’t willing to take that chance.

Cornwell stays behind and manually closes the blast door. Pike watches as the torpedo detonates and Cornwell perishes in the blast.

Discovery introduced Cornwell, played by Jayne Brook, in the show’s first season. She’s been Discovery’s primary point of contact with Starfleet command. She also knew the Prime Universe’ Gabriel Lorca, the officer Starfleet thought they put in command of Discovery, but who had been replaced by his Mirror Universe doppelgänger. She also helped concoct the plan to end the Federation-Klingon War by detonating a bomb on Qo’noS, though she was eventually convinced to use the threat of the bomb to install L’Rell as the new High Chancellor instead.

What do you think of Admiral Cornwell’s fate on Star Trek: Discovery? How did you enjoy the Season Two finale of Star Trek: Discovery? Let us know how you feel in the comments. Star Trek: Discovery will return for a third season on CBS All Access.



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