Star Wars: Ron Howard Shows Off Smuggling Inside the Millenium Falcon

Director Ron Howard has been working on reshoots for the upcoming Han Solo spinoff film for three months, continuing to tease fans about what the film will contain. In a new post on Twitter, Howard showed off what appears to be an action scene taking place inside the Millenium Falcon, despite the image itself being quite blurry.

This isn't the first time the director has showed off the interior of the iconic ship, but the action, along with Howard's comments about how "Smuggling has its stressful moments" hints at the events of the film.

We would expect to see Han Solo, Chewbacca or Lando Calrissian inside the ship, but the figure above doesn't resemble any of them. Does the above image hint at the iconic ship being infiltrated by unexpected company?

This past weekend, Howard might have confirmed a key role in the spinoff as he shared a photo of himself with actress Thandie Newton. He had his arm around her and, when looking closely at what his hand was covering up on her sleeve, there appeared to be a patch that resembled the logo of the Galactic Empire.

These clues don't draw a direct answer that Newton will be a member of the Empire, as there are many variables with the photo. We don't know for certain if the actress is wearing clothing she wears in the film, as it's possible jackets were made for the cast and crew that merely resemble the Empire's clothing to celebrate the shoot.

Another possibility is that, were this jacket to have an Imperial symbol on it, the covert nature of smuggling and deception in the film could mean Newton's character merely poses as a member of the Empire for a certain sequence.

We'll find out more when the untitled Han Solo spinoff is due in theaters May 25, 2018.

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