Star Wars: John Boyega Calls 'Episode IX' the 'War to End All Wars'

Star Wars fans still have two more months to find out what will happen in The Last Jedi, and while a script hasn't officially been completed for what comes after that film, star John Boyega promises it will be a "war to end all wars."

"I think what’s fantastic is it feels like it’s coming back full circle,” Boyega told ComingSoon of J.J. Abrams returning to the saga. “I don’t know nothing about the script, the story. I don’t know where Finn’s going, I don’t know where Rey is going, but definitely I feel this is the war to end all wars in this movie."

While fans have been curious about what the future holds for the series' characters, that desire to discover what happens next is a feeling shared by Boyega himself.

"I’m interested to know how he will handle that," Boyega confessed. "I’m asking so many questions and I haven’t had a chance to kinda sit down and write J.J. a message just to say congratulations and I’m stoked."

The actor might be incredibly excited about the next chapter in the series, but the entire experience of making a massive film clearly takes a toll on the cast and crew, a fact Boyega is quite familiar with.

"My fixation now is that he needs to get some SLEEP and GEAR UP because we’re doing another one of these movies, mate!" the actor joked. "But I think he’s gonna do a great job, as always. He’s J.J.”

Many fans are quite nervous about the state of Episode IX, as Abrams is a late addition to the project. Initially, Jurassic World helmer Colin Trevorrow was slated to direct, with Lucasfilm making the announcement suddenly earlier this year that he was departing the project.

Rumors began swirling about who could step in to take over the film from Trevorrow, but Lucasfilm didn't keep its fans in suspense, announcing after only a few days that Abrams would return to the saga.

Star Wars: Episode IX is due in theaters on December 20, 2019.

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