Kylo Ren Pilots a TIE Fighter Right Into Your Funko Pop Collection

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Kylo Ren is behind the controls of a TIE Fighter and he’s headed straight for your Funko Pop figure collection! Will he push that button and destroy it? Hopefully you’ve got a Leia figure in there - that might change his mind. Or maybe it won’t. Who knows? That trailer was misleading for sure.

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(Photo: Funko)

The Kylo Ren in TIE Fighter Deluxe Pop figure is available to pre-order here with shipment slated for December. It would certainly make for a nice stocking stuffer while tying in nicely with the release of The Last Jedi. If you really want to go all out, there’s a lot more Funko fun where that came from. Their Last Jedi collection is pretty fleshed out at this point with plushes, Pops, bobble heads, shirts, pens, bottles, and mystery minis. You can peruse the entire Star Wars: The Last Jedi collection from Funko here.

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