New 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' Trailer More Viewed Than First Teaser

Our first glimpse at The Last Jedi came back in April during Star Wars Celebration, with a teaser hinting to fans what the new film would contain. The new, full-length trailer for the film debuted earlier this week and amassed over 29 million more views in its first 24 hours than that first teaser, according to Deadline.

RelishMix, who analyzes metrics across various social media platforms, revealed that YouTube views for The Last Jedi are at 24 million-plus over past two days. By comparison, these numbers show they're outpacing The Force Awakens over the same period with 21.8 million, Spider-Man Homecoming at 17.5 million and Jurassic World at 13.1 million.

“What’s most impressive,” RelishMix revealed, “is that the Earned Owner Ratio of reposting (the viral rate) on YouTube for the trailer, just since Monday, is 49:1 with 6.3M views. And adding to that are review and reaction videos, which are another 58:1 with 2.6M views, bringing the total EOR to 107:1 for all earned reposts."

People know that Star Wars is clearly a big deal, but in comparison to other properties who have been more active in the last decade, the galaxy far, far away still reigns supreme.

"By comparison, the EOR for Spider-Man Homecoming was 66:1, Captain America: Civil War was a total 50:1 and Jurassic World 37:1," RelishMix pointed out. "Obviously, on social, studios can boost engagement and views to give a spot a kick-start, but when fans repost at this rate, which is fully organic in reaction, that answers the distributor’s questions of audience intent.”

In addition to a trailer debuting earlier this week, tickets for the film also went on sale. The official numbers for ticket pre-sales aren't officially tabulated, but Deadline reports that projections are putting The Last Jedi at more than Rogue One but slightly under The Force Awakens.

Demand for tickets was so high on Monday night that Fandango and many other ticket vendor sites began to crash, unprepared for being inundated with requests to see the film.

The Last Jedi lands in theaters on December 15.

[H/T Deadline]

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