Star Wars: 'Han Solo' Wrap Party Thrown Ahead of Official Wrap

When Ron Howard took over production on the untitled Han Solo movie, most of the film was already in the can. But after wrapping principal photography and going straight into reshoots, work on the film has continued well past the original schedule.

And though they’re continuing filming the next Star Wars spinoff movie, that hasn’t stopped them from throwing a wrap party.

Sources close to Mashable informed them of the wrap party last week, saying that Kathleen Kennedy and Howard were both in attendance. In a post on Facebook that has since been deleted, stunt actor Luke Scott called the wrap party “slightly premature,” and added that he still had one “last week” of filming.

The next day, Howard tweeted that filming was almost done but that there was months of post production work. It’s not clear if filming has wrapped since then, especially when Howard posted another production photo confirming the inclusion of comic book characters Tag and Bink in the film canon.

So come, where is that teaser?

Howard replaced the ousted directing team of Phil Lord and Chris Miller in June and, after a slight break in the production, began filming on July 10. There were originally only three and a half weeks left of principal work left, followed by planned five weeks of reshoots.

By that schedule, filming should have wrapped after the first week of September. They are now five weeks past the original plan on what is likely a very expensive production.

Hey, given how hectic the production has been for cast and crew alike, they deserve to have an early party.

Howard has been teasing fans with small tastes of what to expect through the photos he frequently posts on social media, which is a lot more than Lord and Miller provided from the secretive production. Though he has yet to provide any major spoilers, Howard’s photos tease at locations and characters who will be a part of the movie.

Lord and Miller worked on the movie for four months before they were fired, while Ron Howard just finished his third month. There’s no telling how much longer the movie will be in production, but there might be justification to give Howard sole credit based on what’s used in the finished film.

The untitled Han Solo movie is scheduled to premiere in theaters on May 25, 2018.

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