Star Wars: Man Builds Two-Story AT-AT Replica For His Lawn

Star Wars fans aren't only some of the most passionate fans out there, but also some of the most creative, regularly going to extreme lengths to show their devotion to a galaxy far, far away. One of the more recent and more impressive displays of that passion came from Nick Meyer, who built a two-story replica of an AT-AT on his front lawn.

star wars at-at replica lawn cleveland
(Photo: Facebook/Matthew Chojnacki)

The walker was discovered in Parma, OH, a small suburb just outside of Cleveland. According to, Meyer constructed the impressive replica with hard foam, wood and plastic barrels.

The project began back in April when Meyer started collecting various pieces that he knew would eventually become the walker. After crafting the pieces in his backyard, he eventually enlisted a group of friends to help him construct it in front of his house.

"It was a weekend project," he shared. "We would tinker with it on the weekends."

Constructing the iconic vehicle on your front lawn is a bold statement, but, surprisingly, Meyer doesn't consider himself a fanatic of the saga, merely claiming he enjoyed the visual that the walker created.

"I just thought it would be neat to build a walker," he pointed out. "It's something unique."

This isn't the first time Meyer and his wife used their lawn to create large-scale scenes, often using Halloween as an excuse to go all-out when decorating their lawn.

"We had a pirate ship coming off the front porch," Meyer confessed. "One year we built a mausoleum."

Star Wars isn't the only property that Meyer has paid tribute to, having previously recreated a cabin from Friday the 13th with the front of his house.

"That wrapped around the whole porch and the front lawn," Meyer shared of that project's scale.

Understandably, Nick's wife Becky shared that the new installation has made them quite popular around town.

"People will drive by, stop, and then back up so they can get a shot of it," Becky revealed.

The iconic walker debuted in The Empire Strikes Back and makes brief appearances in Return of the Jedi and Rogue One. Given the destruction of the Empire, we can't expect to see the walker in upcoming sequels in the franchise, but The Last Jedi does feature an AT-M6, which drew clear inspiration from the AT-AT.

The Last Jedi hits theaters December 15.


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