Rare ThinkGeek Sale Offers Up to 30% Off Everything For a Very Limited Time

It’s getting harder and harder to procrastinate when it comes to buying holiday gifts because retailers are peppering big sales all over the calendar between the beginning of November and Christmas. ThinkGeek just launched one of those sales, and it’s only going to be around for a few days. Here’s how it works:

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The ThinkGeek sale offers early bird holiday shoppers 20/25/30% off on purchases of $50/$100/$150 or more using the code STELLAR at checkout. Unlike most ThinkGeek sales which focus on a collection of hand-picked items, this deal applies to just about everything in the store (pre-order and sale items are the only exceptions). The selection is pretty overwhelming, but here are some places you can start:

ThinkGeek’s Holiday Gift Guide
ThinkGeek Bestsellers
New Releases
Star Wars Items
Star Trek Items
Doctor Who Items
Pokemon Items
Harry Potter Items
Marvel Items
Game of Thrones Items
Nintendo Items

The sale ends on Tuesday 11/7, so you have no choice but to get some shopping done early if you want to take advantage of this deal. To make it even sweeter, orders of $50 or more can apply the code PURRMAHGERD at checkout to get a free Ermahgerd Kerts holiday ugly sweater shirt.