The Best ‘Star Wars’ Knitted Christmas Sweaters of the Year

Have you picked out your ugly Christmas sweater this year? Now is definitely the time because the heart of ugly sweater season is almost here, and we’ve got some fantastic new options for Star Wars fans.

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(Photo: Merchoid)

Headlining the range of new Star Wars sweaters for 2017 is the 'Happy Hoth-idays' sweater. “An ice blue and steel grey design based on the infamous battle of Hoth, it features towering AT-AT walkers taking on brave Rebel craft as they fight in vain to protect their remote echo base. The snowy scene blends a traditional fairisle design with the rebel alliance emblem and has a plain blue back”. You can order it here.

The 'Rebel Invaders' Christmas Sweater “features the Rebel Alliance in a Christmas tree formation taking on the might of the Imperial Army headed up by the gigantic looming Death Star. The sweater features all this ships that defeated the Death Star at the Battle of Yavin (18 X-wings, 8 Y-wings, 2 Prototype A-Wings and the Milllenium Falcon).” You can order it here.

Completing the line up is the 'This is My Jolly Face' Christmas Sweater. “Darth Vader takes centre stage in this fun, festive design with the slogan “This is my jolly face” surrounds him with the mark of the Imperial army.” You can order it here.

As awesome as these three sweaters are, there are tons of additional options that you can explore right here - most of which are knitted as opposed to inexpensive sweatshirt prints. This includes many Star Wars designs from years past, along with some spectacular DC Comics designs, retro gaming designs, and designs based on fan favorite TV shows like Rick and Morty and Bob’s Burgers. Grab your favorite styles before they sell out!