'Star Wars' Pajamas That Show The Death Star Shooting Pink Hearts Stirs Controversy

The success of the Star Wars saga comes from the films containing multitudes, offering audiences adventure, romance, cuddly animals and genocide. With a new set of pajamas being sold at Target, some of these elements from the saga are combined, as one shopper noted that the set featured a Death Star shooting hearts, coupled with the image of Darth Vader surrounded by more hearts.

death star hearts pajamas target
(Photo: Twitter/DrJenGunter)

Jennifer Gunter shared an image of the items, commenting, "These #StarWars pajamas for women are pure f*ckery. A Death Star is designed to kill millions. The superlaser doesn’t f*cking blow hearts."

Many other users chimed in to express their disappointment, unclear if the decision for the designs came from Target or from Disney. Gunter also shared an image of Darth Vader from the pajama set.

death star hearts pajamas target darth vader
(Photo: Twitter/DrJenGunter)

She added to the image, "And I can’t even with purple Darth Vader and a pink f*cking light saber. Who is he blowing kisses to?"

"The weapon that killed and [sic] entire population of 2 planets is now the shape of a heart?" Gunter pointed out. "FFS this is an abhorrent. If the Death Star blows kisses there is no f*cking #starwars."

The big issue Gunter and many other users on social media shared wasthat, given the amount of cute and cuddly icons in the Star Wars saga already, a space station that was designed to completely eradicate entire planets shouldn't have to be converted into a "cute" icon. Additionally, with these clothes being marketed for women, the implication is that an entire gender has no interest in anything related to Darth Vader or the Death Star if it can't be converted into something cute.

"These were at Target explain yourselves is this @Disney or not? #starwars," Gunter pondered. "Don’t reduce women to pink light sabers and a heart shaped battle station FFS."

She added, "If you want #starwars valentines PJs uses Porgs, they can blow kisses."

This isn't the first time the visage of terrifying presences in the Star Wars saga have been converted into something more family friendly, with comic book creator Jeffrey Brown having created a series of all-ages books featuring humorous portrayals of Darth Vader interacting with a young Luke and Leia. A big difference with Brown's work is that books like Darth Vader and Son and Vader's Little Princess intentionally juxtapose the intimidating figure with adorable antics and weren't created to pander to one gender.

Neither Disney nor target have commented on the pajama set.

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