Why 'Solo: A Star Wars Story' Is a Romance

The way that those involved with Solo: A Star Wars Story talk about the movie's plot and themes, it's kind of a shame they didn't call it "When Chewie Met Han."

As co-writer and Star Wars legend Lawrence Kasdan puts it, the movie is almost like a romance between the pilots of the Millennium Falcon.

"It's a love story," Kasdan told Empire Magazine. "Obviously, they don't automatically trust each other and become friends. But that's all the meat of a good story."

The writer, who tackled the script for Solo: A Star Wars Story with his son Jon Kasdan, has not been shy about his fondness of Chewie and Han's relationship, previously referring to the story as a "bromance" while speaking with Entertainment Weekly.

"To me, this is a love story between Han and Chewie," said Kasdan. "Their relationship has always been my favorite part of the saga, and the fact that only Han understands what Chewie is saying, I find a very funny possibility for comedy … Wookiees have so many positive qualities. But what they don’t do is make it easy for you to get in."

Director Ron Howard was also keen to play with the dynamic between actors Alden Ehrenreich and Joonas Suotamo, who respectively play Han Solo and Chewbacca.

"If anything I put more in. I could see that Joonas [Suotamo] was bringing so much to the character in really fun and funny ways," Howard told Empire.

Alden Ehrenreich has also sung the praises of his co-star.

"Joonas is a really funny guy, and he also brings a lot to the role," Ehrenreich said to EW. "It’s clear when you’re up close and seeing him do it just how much Wookiee craft he really has to do, knowing how to move in the suit to convey the right things. He’s got a big heart and is a great guy."

Reiterating what Kasdan already said, Ehrenreich made it clear their relationship wouldn't be smooth sailing.

"Well, I think with anyone you meet in these tough worlds, trust doesn’t come easily, and both of them are very strong willed."

In Star Wars continuity, we last saw Chewbacca helping Yoda escape Kashyyyk after Chancellor Palpatine executed Order 66 at the end of Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith.

"We meet Chewbacca at a difficult period in his life. And he's in a bit of trouble," Howard told Empire.

We'll learn more about Chewbacca's history, and how his bromance with Han developed, when Solo: A Star Wars Story premieres in theaters on May 25th.


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