Fan Video Replaces Star Wars Sound Effects with Cardi B Quotes

What if Cardi B did the sound effects for Star Wars?

That's improbably question one fan asked and the answer turns out to be one of the funniest things we've seen on the internet yet.

The official Twitter account for Latino news outlet Mitú posted a short video that takes various scenes from the Star Wars movies and replaces the real movie sound effects with rapper Cardi B's vocalizations. The result is both oddly perfect and ridiculous. You can check it out for yourself below.

Star Wars as a franchise is frequently the focus of funny parody videos and mashups, but what makes this take particularly amusing is that part of what Cardi B is famous for -- other than her music -- is her vocal expressions. Her laugh and way with words and sounds are well-known, even late-night host Jimmy Fallon did need for her to explain them a bit when she appeared on The Tonight Show last month.

Of course, this isn't the first time a celebrity's unique vocalizations have been substituted for Star Wars sound effects. Last year, a fan replaced the sounds of lightsabers clashing against one another with actor Owen Wilson saying "wow". That video went viral and currently has over four million views on YouTube. The Cardi B mashup is poised to go viral as well. As of the writing of this article it already has nearly 53,000 views and over a thousand re-tweets.

Now to wait for someone to redub Solo with Cardi B sounds...


Solo: A Star Wars Story premieres in theaters May 25th.

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