Kevin Smith Reviews 'Solo: A Star Wars Story'

Filmmaker Kevin Smith is one of the most outspoken nerds in Hollywood, regularly sharing his opinions on the latest comic book, sci-fi, or fantasy films to hit theaters. The filmmaker has a long history with Star Wars, including references from all corners of the galaxy into many of his movies. Smith recently shared his thoughts on Solo: A Star Wars Story, teasing that fans are sure to love Lucasfilm's latest adventure.

kevin smith solo movie thoughts

Smith took to Twitter to share a photo of his ticket, adding, "So Solo: A Star Wars Story is fun fan service cinema that made me smile a bunch & flap my fanboy fins! Han meeting Chewie is a secret origin scene a lifelong Star Wars enthusiast like me never dreamed I’d ever get to see and it was beautiful! Congrats to the Kasdans & Ron Howard!"

The film clearly appealed to his tastes more than other entries in the saga, noting in a podcast earlier this year that what made The Force Awakens so exciting was the way it honored the past.

"With Force Awakens you get the nostalgia rush, like, maybe we weren't as judgy about that movie as people are being about Last Jedi because like we're going to give you," Smith explained on his Fat Man on Batman podcast. "We're going to make three Star Wars movies, here's the first one and there ain't a hint of Jar Jar in it, enjoy and so the audience is 'oh god it's f--cking back' and now that they've had that moment the next one had a tall order because you lose the joy of surprise and like your childhood is back and sh-t and now you just have to tell a real story."

Smith wasn't the only fan of Solo, as even Harrison Ford shared his praise of the adventure during a recent interview.

“I just thought it was spectacular,” Ford revealed to Entertainment Tonight. “I thought [star Alden Ehrenreich] was so smart about what he did and how he did it. I just couldn’t be happier.”

Fans can see Solo: A Star Wars Story when it lands in theaters on May 25th.


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