Ron Howard Retweeted Praise for 'Solo: A Star Wars Story' That Was Critical of 'The Last Jedi'

Solo: A Star Wars Story hasn't exactly done quite as well as hoped at the box office, but fan response has been largely positive, and Ron Howard has been sharing that praise on Twitter. Unfortunately, some of the Solo praise he's been retweeting comes at the expense of The Last Jedi.

Since Solo opened in theaters late last month, Howard has been active on Twitter responding to fans and retweeting the praise and comments about the Han Solo origin film. While much of what the director has been sharing features fans sharing their favorite moments from the film, there are several that lift Solo up by putting down The Last Jedi in the process. While some of the anti-The Last Jedi posts simply expressed the opinion that Solo was better than The Last Jedi, a few straight up slammed Rian Johnson's installment in the franchise. You can check out one such tweet below.

"Unpopular opinion: #SoloAStarWarsStory was downright fantastic and instantly became my third favorite Star Wars film and gave me a healthy heaping of sweet goodness after the pile of burnt poop that Last Jedi was," one tweet read. "More of this please @DisneyStudios."

While Howard's retweets by no mean implies an endorsement of hate for The Last Jedi, it certainly sheds a light on just how divisive Johnson's film is and seems to give at least a little bit of credence to the claim that part of Solo: A Star Wars Story's box office woes are connected to the backlash to the highly divisive The Last Jedi. Solo has had a very weak showing at the box office and isn't likely to reach even the $200 million mark at its current rate of performance. Many have speculated that, in addition to a variety of reasons, hatred for The Last Jedi has contributed to this -- though an analysis puts the blame firmly on Disney's marketing of Solo.

However, even though Howard is retweeting Last Jedi-critical praise for Solo, he's also responding to people's comments as well. One person tweeted that they were skipping Solo because of The Last Jedi, to which Howard's reply politely made it clear that skipping Solo would be their loss.


"OK - Sorry you won't see and hear it on big screen...." Howard wrote.

Solo: A Star Wars Story is in theaters now.