Lucasfilm Gifts Grieving Star Wars Fans With Awesome Collection

The relationship between Star Wars and its community of fans has caught some flack recently, due in large part to the toxicity that has permeated audiences as a response to their disappointment with recent theatrical adventures. Despite those tensions, remarkable stories still remain of how the galaxy far, far away can help bring some joy to its most devout fans, even in the face of immense tragedy. One fan recounted how, to help his family cope with the loss of his wife, Lucasfilm sent a care package to ensure all of their children received Star Wars merchandise.

"About two months ago, I lost my wife of over twenty years," one fan shared on the Star Wars Reddit page. "Saying it has been rough is a massive understatement, but I'm very lucky to have a strong support system here. (My wife was one of 8 kids.) A few weeks ago, a friend of mine reached out to the publicity department at Lucasfilm and let them know what happened and how I was a huge Star Wars fan."

They continued, "Yesterday I got two boxes full of gifts from them. They had called my friend to find out about my situation and my kids. They got their ages and every single one of them (I've got seven kids, yep, seven) got an incredible gift bag of merch. All the right size - all age appropriate. They even sent me some wonderful stuff as well."

Lucasfilm is a massive company with hundreds of employees, which makes reaching out to individuals with specific anecdotes in hopes of connecting with the right employee difficult. Clearly, the unique situation resulted in an impressive action on the part of the studio.

"I have to be honest - I'm shocked my friend got a response to an out of the blue email like that. And I'm just... blown away by what they did," the fan added. "I don't know if any of the company folks monitor this, but if so, you have my thanks. You made this big Star Wars nerd happy and you made my kids pretty damn happy too. Thank you."

The fan also took to Twitter to share photographic evidence of the gifts being enjoyed by his family.

While it might be easy for fans to forget how much a movie and the ability to escape stress and grief with the adventures of heroic characters can mean to people when we are disappointed with a storyline, hopefully this anecdote connects with fans to remind them what made us fans in the first place.


The next film in the Star Wars saga, Episode IX, lands in theaters on December 20, 2019.

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