Star Wars Fan Ordered To Remove Roadside AT-ST Replica

Star Wars fans will go to any length to show off their fandom, but officials in the UK say one die-hard has gone too far.

According to a recent report by the BBC UK, a Star Wars super fan named Paul Parker has come under fire for his intergalactic obsession. Local authorities have ordered the English fan to take down the massive 14-foot AT-ST replica given its tendency to distract drivers.

While the roadside replica is placed on Parker’s private property, its status as a public menace leans it close to the Galactic Empire. Now, the fan has to remove the huge AT-ST, and fans online are rallying behind Parker to comfort him.

There is no word on what will happen to the statue, but it will only add to the AT-ST replica’s history. Parker is not the original owner of the piece as Dean Harvey built the behemoth less than five years ago. The creator spent more than 400 hours building the AT-ST so his daughters could play in it. Harvey told fans the replica is made out of steel and weighs 2.5 tons total. However, the creator’s children grew out of the fort over the years, so he gave the piece to Parker.

After the exchange went down, Parker placed the replica on his private property, and the piece became a local tourist spot. Now, the Teignbridge Council has ordered the AT-ST be moved within 21 days, but fans of the attraction are hoping the decision can be reverse. While Parker’s pleas to keep the statue have been met with resistance, locals have taken to social media to show their support for the little AT-ST that could.

If the city of Devon really starts to miss its AT-ST, it can find ways to cope with the loss elsewhere. There are countless Star Wars costumes out there that will let fans become an AT-ST or AT-AT. In fact, a recent fans turned their horse into an AT-AT from The Empire Strikes Back. Michael Corrie transformed his Clydesdale into the towering robot after putting more than 700 hours of work into the Star Wars costume. So, if Parker’s AT-ST cannot stay, maybe this cosplaying horse can be brought over for a visit.


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