The Affordable Star Wars Han Solo Hoth Replica Jacket is Almost Here


Cold weather may not be on your mind this Star Wars Day, May the 4th, but here's a reminder that a new, officially licensed Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Han Solo Hoth-style jacket is available to pre-order right here for only $145.99 with free shipping slated for July (sizes S to XXXL). That's less than half of the price of the $400 version Columbia released a couple of years back, and it's a more faithful replica to boot.

Note that the first wave of jacket pre-orders were set to ship this month, so you'll want to reserve yours before the next batch gets pushed out further than July. When the weather does get cold again, the jacket will definitely keep you as warm as the inside a dead Tauntaun thanks to double-insulated body lining, a full waist-to-neck zip, and a faux fur-lined hood. As noted, it also appears to be a pretty faithful replica, though it has been confirmed that the Hoth coat Han Solo wore in Empire is actually brown not blue (it appears blue). Even Columbia opted for the blue color with their version, but offered a brown version signed by Harrison Ford for a whopping $1,980.

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On a related note, Avengers: Endgame is now in theaters, so the mystery behind the team's new suit is going to be unraveled. That having been said, this is your last call to get pre-orders in on the official hoodie version. The ship date has been pushed back to July for new orders at this point, and there's probably going to be a surge in demand that will push it out further or exhaust supplies completely.


The hoodies are available here in men's sizes and here in women's sizes for $64.99 with free shipping (a matching cap is also available for $33.99 with free shipping). A sport hoodie version is available to pre-order here for $64.99 with shipping slated for August. The hoodies are made from a polyester blend with multiple panels that gives it an armor-style look. Close-up images on the product page will give you a good look at the textures.

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