Star Wars Fans Make Hilarious Darth Vader and Seinfeld Mashup

Star Wars fans will make a humorous edit out of just about any content available. So, it should be no surprise that a couple of them decided to unite Seinfeld and their favorite movie franchise. SeinPop Official decided to take Frank Costanza’s voice and dub it over a bunch of scenes with Darth Vader. Now, hearing Jerry Stiller’s distinctive cadence coming out of that head is pretty jarring, especially when you’re expecting that velvety timbre from James Earl Jones. No one can deny that having the villain address Stormtroopers by name as other combatants lay prone on the floor. The entire thing is surreal, as is the presence of Costanza gesturing toward a possible move to Florida. The key scene where Vader uses that Force Choke in the meeting is hilarious when considering it more like a customer service interaction. (What if that’s actually possible for the Sith? I’ve said too much.)

Speaking of the super-popular villain, a lot of fans were surprised to learn that he could have had a part in The Rise of Skywalker. Reports from around the entertainment industry tried to confirm if certain details of the Episode IX script were legitimate. They were and Robert Meyer Burnett’s video on the subject became a big talking point for people within the fandom.


"Kylo lands on Remincore and Kylo confronts Tor Valum," Burnett said. "Kylo begins training with Tor Valum, Tor Valum is the yoda to Luke from Empire Strikes Back and that moves forward and it's very, very interesting in what goes on between them. Eventually, there's a scene, and this would have been epic, kind of like the cave in Dagohbah, where Kylo Ren actually confronts Darth Vader. Now it is a vision of Vader but they fight. Darth Vader and Kylo Ren have a knock-down, drag-out duel, and of course Kylo loses, and even though it's not really Vader, 'only what you take with you,' it's really interesting."

Vader even makes a small vocal cameo early on in the final cut. When talking to Ren, the Emperor says, "I have been every voice.” Then in the voice of Supreme Leader Snoke, "You have ever heard," and finally, none other than the voice of Darth Vader concludes the sentence with "Inside your head." So, Vader is never far away when it comes to the Skywalker Saga, but don’t expect to hear Constanza in there anytime soon.

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