Star Wars: The Mandalorian Chapter 4 Makes Baby Yoda Even Cuter

Since his debut at the end of the first episode of Star Wars: The Mandalorian the internet has had only one question about the Disney+ series: can Baby Yoda get any cuter? The diminutive green creature with his big eyes, big ears, and seemingly impossible adorableness has made the infant of the same race as Master Yoda a fan favorite with each week. However, in this week's fourth installment, The Mandalorian has definitively answered the question regarding the upper level of the so-called Baby Yoda's cuteness and it turns out, the limit does not exist.

Warning: Spoilers for Star Wars: The Mandalorian episode, "Sanctuary," below.

We've seen Baby Yoda do quite a few things in the previous three episodes. Those things include peering out of his blankets, adorably catching and eating a frog-like creature, napping, and even using the Force to save The Mandalorian among many more GIF-able adorable moments. This week, though, we get even more cute Baby Yoda action. For starters, Baby Yoda pulls out the totally typical toddler naughtiness. Hanging out in the cockpit of The Mandalorian's ship, the little guy does what you'd expect a kid to do with shiny buttons. He touches them, actions that prompt the Mandalorian to go full dad-mode and tell him to stop touching things. What does Baby Yoda do? Hits him with those cute giant eyes of him and just keeps touching things. Of course, we can't let Baby Yoda just press random buttons do The Mandalorian gets extra dad-like and just picks up his little buddy and sits him on his lap. So cute! Total #DadGoals.

If you haven't developed cavities from the sweetness yet, then hold on. The episode gets better. Baby Yoda refuses to listen when The Dadalorian (not a typo, I'm calling him the Dadalorian now) tells him to stay on the ship when he goes to check things out after landing on a forest planet in the Outer Rim. Nope, Baby Yoda comes along, too. He even refuses to stay in the bar while Dadalorian has a nasty brawl with Cara Dune (Gina Carano) and just waddles his way outside, his soup-slurping sounds interrupting the fight in the cutest way possible as the creature they call The Child just watches them.

But those aren't the only cute things Baby Yoda does -- and we admit his enjoyment of soup is a pretty high bar. Baby Yoda also makes friends with the local kids who freak out over his adorableness almost as much as the rest of us have. We even see the little guy try to eat a frog-like creature again, though this time he decides not to when his new friends are adorably grossed out. It's really the most precious thing and the best part is that Baby Yoda? He's so happy. He has his new friends, he has soup, he even has his Dadalorian. Baby Yoda's life is sweet. Of course, the Dadalorian initially plans to leave Baby Yoda behind so he can grow up in safety, but that plan doesn't work out so well when another bounty hunter rolls up and tries to kill our precious little cinnamon roll (don't worry, Cara saves him). Dadalorian ultimately takes the little guy with him as he departs the world -- which means we'll presumably all be dead from cute again in the next episode.

And let's be honest: we're okay with being dead from the cute. Baby Yoda is quite possibly the most popular topic online right now and one of the few things everyone seems to be able to agree on. Right now, Baby Yoda is trending nearly twice as high on social media as any of the democratic presidential candidates, too, which is kind of wild if you really think about it. Maybe Baby Yoda should run for president. After all, he's already won over our hearts.

Did you think Baby Yoda was the pinnacle of cuteness in the most recent episode of The Mandalorian? Let us know your thoughts on this and all things Baby Yoda (and Star Wars) in comments below or hit up @lifeinpolaroid on Twitter.


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