Stan Lee Takes On 'Star Wars' In Fan Made Animation

Stan Lee is taking on the galaxy far, far away in a fan-made video the Marvel genius shared on Twitter.

"Here's a stellar battle no one can complain about," Lee wrote. "Enjoy this little fan made Stanimation courtesy of @foldandflyworkshop" The video, attached to the tweet, see Stan Lee taking on iconic Star Wars villain Darth Maul, names his film "The Excelsior Awakens," and sees Lee sport some of the iconic Jedi garb while wielding a lightsaber.

Check it out in the tweet and video below!

As it turns out, the Jedi nor their enemies are any match for Lee and his creations! The Marvel Comics mastermind resorts to using the Captain America shield in the end!

Of course, this is one of many appearances for Stan Lee. He has cameo appearances in nearly every Marvel film adapting his characters, including a trio of appearances in 2017 alone. The man behind Marvel Comics has created characters such as Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, Black Panther, and the Hulk.


Historically, Lee's involvement with Star Wars has been limited but significant. The man behind Marvel Comics had planned to decline any opportunity to make comic books about the science-fiction title, assuming it wouldn't stand out from other titles in the genre. However, when Lee learned of Alec Guinness' involvement, he changed his tune.

Roy Thomas talked Lee into getting Star Wars involved with Marvel Comics is often credited as saving the publishing company from going under. Soon after the collaboration began, Lee wrote the introduction of The Marvel Comics Illustrated Version of Star Wars. Today, the publisher puts out several Star Wars titles.