Young 'Star Wars' Fan Gets Prosthetic Stormtrooper Hand For Christmas

A young Star Wars costume fan got the ultimate accessory in the form of a prosthetic stormtrooper arm.

Jacob Taggart, a Kingergarten student from Phoenix, had only one fully formed hand. His right hand, however, did not grow all five fingers and does not function properly. Now, though, the young boy who couldn't feel an accurate part of finger painting activities in class, should feel a step ahead of everyone around him.

Taggart now wears a full on stormtrooper hand to help him write, hold objects, and even toss a tennis ball.

In the vein of some of Star Wars best characters, Taggart will use the hand to enhance his physical abilities. It's a page right out of Luke Skywalker's book.

"Jacob tried pushing his hand into the device, not realizing he had to undo the Velcro straps first," K5 News reports of the boy's first day with the prosthetic. "But once it was on, he disappeared into his own world, slowly lifting tennis balls, watching as he flipped his wrist forward and backward, folding and releasing his new mechanical fingers."


The prosthetic arm is expected to fit Jacob for anywhere from six months to two years, depending on his growth. "I think (Jacob) being able to have this hand is cool because now he's different from (other kids) but in a cool kind of way," Deja, Jacob's 18-year-old sister, said. "(The other kids) can never have that."

The MORE Foundation donated the prosthetic arm to Jacob on Friday, December 22. It was made using 3D printing to create a low cost, high quality prosthetic for children in need.