Danai Gurira Says She Knows Who's Dead On The Walking Dead

Michonne TWD
(Photo: AMC)

While The Walking Dead cast isn't willing to tell us who Negan killed but they are willing to admit they have the knowledge.

"I know what's happening," Michonne actress Danai Gurira tells E! at the Tony Awards. "I'll tell you this much—I know something. I know a little bit more than you." However, when the questions get more specific, Gurira's memory suddenly gets a little cloudy. "Suddenly, I don't know anything," she jokes. "Where am I?!"

Gurira's Michonne was one of the characters on the chopping block to conclude The Walking Dead's sixth season. Taking into consideration that she is also Rick's current love interest kind of stacks the odds against her given Rick's track record with women. However, in the comics, Michonne never ends up in a relationship with Rick but instead finds herself involved with Ezekiel, the leader of the Kingdom, who is rumored to be introduced in The Walking Dead's seventh season.

The TV series does, however, tend to deviate from the comic book's story a good bit. By now, we all know it was Glenn who was killed upon Negan's introduction in the infamous issue #100 of The Walking Dead but with Kirkman and co. deciding to leave Negan's kill a mystery for the long months which are The Walking Dead's off-season, we're left speculating over who it was.

Who do you think Negan brought down his bat on?

The Walking Dead will return for its seventh season in October. Expect a trailer to spawn from San Diego Comic Con in July.