Ross Marquand Says The Walking Dead Season 7 Premiere Is Absolute Loss Of Someone We Really Care About

AMC Walking Dead Aaron
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The months-long wait has been excruciating for fans of The Walking Dead, who learned as the final seconds crawled by in the season finale that they wouldn't learn who died at the hands of Negan until the premiere of season seven.

Those same fans expect the premiere to be equally as brutal as the closing of season six, and in a recent interview with PopSugar, Walking Dead's Ross Marquand (who plays Aaron on the show) affirmed that notion.

"Everyone is expecting it to be devastating, and it is. It's a rough, rough exit, you know? That being said, I think it's a great episode, too. I think it's an episode that people will watch and talk about for years to come, honestly."

Expectations are high that the series will deliver on a rather iconic moment from the comics, and while the cast does enjoy attempting to meet that high bar set by season's past every week, these scenes were anything but enjoyable to film.

"It was not fun. None of us were having a great time during those scenes. For people in the audience, sitting at home on their couches watching it, they're going to be feeling all the feelings that we felt. It was an absolute loss of someone that we really care a lot about. We say this time and time again, but it's not just a TV show for us — it's a family. When you lose a family member, it's extraordinarily difficult. We felt that death was like losing someone that you really care about."

Ever since the end of season six, Marquand has been bombarded with questions about who meets Lucille, but he isn't budging.

"Oh yeah, I've had so many people ask me who died. It's been crazy fielding those questions, because everyone wants to know who was at the end of that bat. Even friends and family! But we keep that information very much under lock and key."

Fans will have to wait until The Walking Dead returns to AMC on October 9th.

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