The Walking Dead: AMC To Air 88-Hour Marathon Before Season Premiere

Every October, AMC programs its annual Fearfest, which fills their schedule with horror movies and shows, leading up to Halloween. This year, the network is combining the schedule with a Walking Dead marathon to prep our minds for the much-anticipated season seven premiere.

Given that there have been a total of 88 episodes of the zombie drama so far, the marathon will last 88 hours.

That sounds like a lot of time to spend watching The Walking Dead, and it definitely is, but AMC was kind enough to split it up for us.

Instead of staring at your television for over three days, without sleeping, you will be able to catch all of the episodes over the course of the week leading up to the premiere.

The marathon will being on Sunday, October 16, at 7am ET. The first season will run in its entirety, followed by the first half of Season two. Here, the marathon will take a break to air the two-hour Walking Dead retrospective special.

Starting Monday, the marathon will resume at 6pm. Each night, episodes will begin at 6, and run until the early hours of the morning. The Walking Dead will break during the day, making room for the plethora of horror films AMC will screen, and will resume its run at 6 the following night.


On Sunday, October 23, the marathon will continue throughout the day. The season six finale, the most recent episode of the series, will air just before the season seven premiere.

This means we will see the Negan cliffhanger one more time, and it will be immediately followed by the footage of the actual kill.

There you have it, exactly what you asked for. No more cliffhanger!

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Source: Variety