AMC Giving Walking Dead Fans A Chance To Meet Lucille

Some would say meeting Lucille, Negan's destructive weapon of choice, wouldn't be the best experience. One of The Walking Dead characters will be meeting Lucille in the season premiere, and we know that isn't going to be pretty.

If you think you'd like to be the one who Negan takes out with his lovely bat, head on over to for your chance. There, you can log in with your Facebook and have your "memories" spliced in with Negan's game.

The site begins to play clips of Negan pacing around, playing Eenie-meenie. As he gets going, photos from your Facebook history are cut in over his dialogue. You will see photos from your first experiences on the social media site, all the way to some of your most recent.

Who did Negan Kill with Lucille
(Photo: AMC)

Just as your more recent photos hit, and the heartbeat sounds gets even louder, the camera cuts to Lucille pointing right at you, and Negan announcing that "You're it."

While this isn't extremely terrifying, it is a fun simulation for a Walking Dead fan. It puts you in the shoes of one of the characters for a minute, and brings up some old memories along the way.

Meet Lucille also serves another huge purpose for fans; it gives you the chance to attend the season premiere of Talking Dead.

Yes, you heard that correctly. By visiting the site, and filling out a form, you can win a trip to the live recording of Talking Dead. If that isn't awesome enough, just remember which characters will be attending the Talking Dead premiere.

That's right, all of them.

Each of the actors from Negan's line-up will take part in the live event, so this is your chance to meet all of them in person.

If you're a fan of The Walking Dead, Meet Lucille is a website you definitely have to check out.

The Walking Dead returns on Sunday, October 23 on AMC.

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