The Walking Dead Cast Sophia Actress' Brother In New Role

Sophia's shocking exit in season two of The Walking Dead was a little more than most fans had bargained for. Much of the season was spent searching for the young girl, who has remained a main character in the comics to this day, only to open up Hershel's barn and find her turned to a walker.

Everyone had high hopes that the gang would eventually find Sophia, but not quite like that. It was heartbreaking to say the least, and many audience members never fully recovered from the loss. Let's be real, way worse things have happened on The Walking Dead since Sophia's death. However, it was still difficult to lose a child, and to watch Carol go through her personal journey with loss.

(Photo: AMC)

For those of you wishing there could have been more Sophia, you're in luck. Well, sort of.

In the most recent episode of The Walking Dead, 'The Well', a few new characters made their debut. One of the most memorable among them was Ben, the young soldier in The Kingdom. He took on the role of Morgan's protege in the episode, and the two had a great scene at the dinner table towards the end of the episode. As they were talking, a young boy entered the scene.

(Photo: AMC)

We went on to learn that this was Ben's son. The child asked his dad about going to a movie later, and the two had a charming father-and-son moment. Their dialogue also opened up a line for conversation for Morgan, who lost his son earlier in the series.

Come to find out, the actor who played the young boy is actually the younger brother of the actress who played Sophia years ago. Macsen Lintz plays Henry, Ben's son, while his sister Madison Lintz appeared in eight episodes as Sophia.

Actors have always said The Walking Dead set was like a family, so it looks like they're keeping true to that notion.