Chris Hardwick Weighs In On If Daryl Is To Blame For Glenn's Death On The Walking Dead

Everyone who watches The Walking Dead seems to have a different opinion about the season seven premiere. Some think it was too gruesome, while others think it was perfect. Comic readers are happy that Glenn was killed, while many fans are still broken up about it.

No matter how you look at it, The Walking Dead's season premiere was one of the most talked-about episodes in television history.

One of the big talking points since the episode, and one of the most divisive topics among fans of the show, is whether or not Glenn's death is entirely Daryl's fault. It's obvious that his actions sparked Negan's decision, but would the villain have done it anyway?

It was clear that Rick wasn't quite broken enough for Negan's liking, so it stands to reason he would have to kill someone else at some point.

In the latest episode, Dwight tries to play on Daryl's guilt, using the picture of Glenn's body to torture him. He even tells Daryl that Glenn's death was his fault.

Is Daryl really to blame?

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According to The Talking Dead host Chris Hardwick, the character definitely carries the weight on his shoulders.

When taking fan questions on The Talking Dead, Hardwick spoke out about how Daryl is feeling about the situation. The host gets in the head of the character, and says he's really feeling the guilt of Glenn's death.

“He wants to punish himself, he kind of wants to die," Chris Hardwick said of Daryl. "He feels guilt. Dwight even says it to him, ‘Your friend is dead because of what you did’ and he believes that.”

While audiences all believe Glenn's death is Daryl's fault, it's also clear the character feels the same way. It's something he may never recover from, but the guilt is keeping him from bending to Negan's will.

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