The Walking Dead Sitcom With Easy Street Theme Song

After last week's episode, many fans of The Walking Dead have just one song in their head. 'Easy Street' is either your new favorite song, or your most hated. Now matter how you feel about it, the song has become a new staple for the series.

When Daryl was taken back to The Sanctuary, he was thrown into a dark cell as a method of torture. In addition to being fed dog food, getting beaten in an alley, and having to look at a picture of Glenn's dead body, Daryl is being forced to listen to 'Easy Street' on repeat.

The song by The Collapsable Hearts Band is a happy and upbeat tune that is meant to get you dancing, but it is now being used to add to Daryl's agony. Each time the song is played, Daryl is brought another dog food sandwich. In a Pavlov's dogs experiment, Dwight will sometimes skip Daryl's meal when the song plays, driving the man insane.

While the song isn't meant to be funny in this context, many fans can't help but laugh. One fan in particular, a Youtuber by the name of Anthony, decided to take the chuckles to another level.

Using 'Easy Street' as a theme song, this new video re-imagines The Walking Dead as a classic sitcom.

As the song plays, footage of various characters laughing is cut together. After one of the characters appears, the actor's name comes across the screen in a yellow font. Not all characters were included, but many of the fan-favorites from over the years made an appearance.

The video concludes with a final image of Negan smiling, with the text reading, "Featuring Jeffery Dean Morgan as Negan."

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